Perception vs Reality

Perception vs. RealityPerception

Getting perception and reality to be one in the same is a hard task because we only know what we know.   What we know is built on variables that become misunderstood, misapplied and/or overemphasized.  For instance: How many balls wide is the putting cup?  …The minimum is 8!  Why?  Well, you see only about 1/2 inch of the ball is actually touching the grass.  The cup is 4.25 inches wide. Taking all that into account, the cup becomes 8 balls wide with no overlapping of the 1/2 inch tracks the ball travels on!

When you shoot a rifle the barrel is bigger than the projectile, the sights are smaller than the projectile and you aim at the bulls-eye of the target- not the whole target.  In golf, you should aim at the spot on the rim of the cup where you want the ball to enter the hole, not the whole cup! A line on the ball is your “sights,” the 1/2 inch track of the ball is the projectile and the ball itself is the barrel. When you aim the “sights” at the “whole” cup it becomes easier to miss.  Just as with a rifle, aiming at the whole target will reduce your hits on the bulls-eye.  Your aim should focus on the bulls-eye with a rifle. Your aim should focus on a point on the rim of the cup when putting.

All great Marksmen of pistols, rifles, shotguns, archery etc. aim at the middle.  They lead the middle of a target when it is moving.  With putting, aim at the middle on a level putt and lead the middle when it is breaking.

“Reality” is often a perception you have convinced yourself is real.  It can take some time to cast off those old perceptions, but when the light bulb comes on you will get more “ounce to the bounce” from your work and practice!

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Jerry J. Alldredge, PGA Professional

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