Sundowner’s is a nine hole competition played each Monday evening at Southern Gayles. Scoring is based on a modified Stableford system. Points are awarded as follows:

Double Eagle

12 Points


8 Point


4 Points


2 Points


1 Point

Double Bogey

0 Points

Triple Bogey (max)

-1 Point

Each participant has a number of points to “overcome.” A high handicapper may only need 3 points to overcome before their score begins to “count.” A low handicapper may need to overcome 16 points. Jerry, our club pro establishes the number for each player. No official GHIN handicap is required. So, for example let’s look at a couple typical scores.

Player A has 3 points to overcome. He scores 1 par (2 points), 4 bogeys (4 points), 2 triple bogeys (-2 points) and 2 double bogeys (0 points). His total points scored is: 4. His points to overcome is 3, so for that match his score is +1.

Player B has 10 points to overcome. She has 4 pars (8 points), 3 bogeys (3 points), and 2 double bogeys (0 points). Her total is 11 points, minus the 10 to overcome results in a final score of +1. Ties for prizes (see below) are resolved in a putt off.

This system of scoring makes for a fair and fun event!

Prizes! Prizes!

Each player contributes $5.00 before play. After scoring, Pro Jerry divides the winnings to 1st, 2nd, (and if enough participation), 3rd Place. Prizes are awarded in the form of pro-shop credit affectionately known as “Jerry bucks!”

To join the fun, call the pro-shop before 4:30PM on Monday to register. Tee time is 5:00PM unless ALL registered players arrive early. If all players are present and the tee box is available, Sundowners may tee off early, but, the official tee time is 5:00PM